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Rotary Overmolding & CNC Machining of Time Clocks

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Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services of Time Clocks
Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services of Time Clocks

Tech-Way Industries services a steady stream of customers in the medical, aerospace, defense, electronic, and precision optics industries, but we are not afraid to step out of our comfort zone. Such was the case when a customer in the office supply industry asked us to engineer and manufacture time clocks that display the atomic time and are equipped with SD cards to download and upload data. Tech-Way used concurrent engineering in the development of this complex product, which integrates  engineering functions to reduce the time needed to bring a product to market. After engineering the tooling, our staff at Tech-Way applied our plastic injection molding and rotary molding equipment in a unique way: two shots of the same material with the same melts. This is usually done with materials with different melting temperatures where the one with a higher melting temperature is shot first. Flame retardant polycarbonate and ABS were molded and machined into clocks that are 7" long X 6.25" wide X 6" high. Tech-Way manufactures these pad printed, textured, and highly polished clocks at the rate of 52,000 a year, all too rigorous UL standards. Nationwide delivery is accomplished using Kanban scheduling.

Tech-Way Industries has a unique blend of experts, state-of-the-art equipment, and skills to  engineer, and manufacture virtually any part, component, or final assembly from metals and plastics. To learn more, contact us now.

Rotary Overmolding & CNC Machining of Time Clocks Project Highlights

Title of Job/Part
Time Clocks
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Plastic Injection Molding Services
Rotary Overmolding
7 in.
6.25 in.
6 in.
Material Used
Flame Retardant
Material Finish
Pad Printing
Highly Polished
Industry for Use
Office Supply
52,000 pieces/year
Delivery Location
Project Scope
Difficult process as they shot 2 of the same material with the same melts where this is usually done with different melting temperatures and shoots the higher one first.
Engineering Work
Concurrent Engineering
Product Description/Application
This product displays the atomic time and has an SD card for downloading/uploading.

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