Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services of Juggernaut Followers

An elite marksmanship unit was having trouble with sand, debris, and carbon jamming the follower of their ammunition magazines. This elite unit knew to turn to Tech-Way Industries for a solution. Our engineers custom designed and manufactured the Juggernaut Follower, which rides with minimal clearance and has pressure relief cuts to eliminate sticking points. We used our Kubotek KeyCreator modeling software to develop the Juggernaut and then made the tooling necessary to produce it. Plastic injection molding was used to mold three high-tech polymers-non-stick, PTFE filled, and standard-into the followers. The Juggernauts are 2.25″ long, .75″ wide, and 1.375″ high, which were molded to tight tolerances of ±.003″ with a highly polished finish.

Our skilled team at Tech-Way Industries also provided artwork, packaging, shipping, and warehousing services. Manufacturing 20,000 Juggernaut Followers for next day delivery across the nation. The employees of Tech Way Industries are proud of their customer service, which was clearly demonstrated in this project, where they made 28 revisions while working closely with experts.

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Custom Manufacturing of Juggernaut Followers

Title of Job/Part

Juggernaut Followers

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Plastic Injection Molding Services


2.25 in.


.75 in.


1.375 in.

Tightest Tolerance

± .003 in.

Material Used

3 High Tech Polymers

  • Non-Stick
  • PTFE Filled
  • Standard
Material Finish

High Polished

Secondary Operations Applied


Industry for Use



20,000 pieces

Delivery Time

Next Day

Delivery Location


Project Scope

There were 28 revisions while they worked closely with the experts.

Design Work

Kubotek Key Creator



Product Description/Application

They were having trouble with sand, debris, and carbon making the mag follower stick. This design rides on minimal clearance with relief cuts to eliminate sticking points. It also takes the new and old style of springs.