As an experienced provider of turnkey plastic components, Tech-Way Industries offers a broad portfolio of plastic molding and machining capabilities. We manufacture custom molds for a variety of plastic molding processes in our tool and die shop located in our 90,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.  

Our Custom Mold Building/Development Capabilities

A molded plastic part is only as good as the mold used to form it. At Tech-Way Industries, our engineers, and tool makers have extensive knowledge and experience in mold development and manufacturing of various advanced molding processes. We can design custom molds, runners, tooling, fixtures, and more. 

We can design custom molds for almost any plastic molding method and part size from micro-components to oversized parts. Our engineers can also design molds for use with most polymers, acrylics, and thermoplastics. We work closely with each customer to ensure their mold will produce the part that meets their exact needs. 

Some of the plastic manufacturing processes we frequently design molds and tooling for include:

  • Plastic injection molding
  • Rotary molding
  • Overmolding
  • Insert molding
  • Multi-material molding
  • Gas-assisted molding
  • Solid molding
Tooling & Mold Building

The Tech-Way Industries team thrives on challenging projects where we can develop molds and tooling for complex components. To see how our in-house mold-making services and other capabilities can support your project, please contact us today.


How Experience Sets Tech-Way Industries Apart

At Tech-Way Industries, we have made our toolmaking capabilities an integral part of our end-to-end production capabilities. Our staff understands what it takes for successful single-source production, including designing for manufacturability, mold and tool building, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and every step along the way. 

All of our processes and procedures are verified by our ISO 9001:2015-compliant quality management system, ensuring our customers receive only the highest quality end products. We have honed our capabilities through time and experience, enabling us to offer quick turnarounds and flexible capacity for a broad customer base. 


About Tech-Way

Tech-Way Industries develops creative solutions to complex engineering problems. Our engineers and technicians can build molds of any complexity in-house at our facility to help you keep project costs and timelines under your control. We strive to be a resilient and reliable supplier of plastic goods for original equipment manufacturers and other down-tier customers in the supply chain. 

To see how our in-house mold-making services and other capabilities can support your project, please contact us today.

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