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What Are the Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that melts a plastic resin into a liquid state and then uses a high-pressure system to inject it into a mold. There, it cools and solidifies into plastic parts with tight tolerances. This repeatable process allows companies to produce large quantities of identical parts at a low cost per part.

Here we’ll discuss the advantages of plastic injection molding in more detail.

Produces Intricate Details and Complex Geometries

The plastic injection molding process reduces the time and capital required to produce large volumes of uniform, complex parts. You can quickly achieve repeatable tolerances as low as ±0.500 mm or, with some projects, even ±0.125 mm. For even tighter tolerances, molded parts can be machined down to ±0.025 mm.

For easy ejection and higher precision, plastic injection molding companies should consider:

  • Vent placement
  • Gate placement
  • Corner transitions
  • Weld lines
  • Rib and boss design
  • Wall thickness

The consistency of the molded parts relies on collecting and analyzing data about the techniques used as well as the expertise of trained engineers. Their specialization in injection molding allows them to document and execute the steps necessary for a successful, repeatable molding operation.

High Efficiency

With the right team of designers and engineers, plastic injection molding is the most efficient way to produce low-cost, high-volume plastic parts. An optimized design reduces problems during the production cycle, and each cycle is very fast, creating large quantities in a relatively short amount of time.

After the mold design is approved by the customer according to their specifications, the injection molding press is programmed with the proper settings. The molding process itself is very rapid, achieving a high-volume production rate that brings the cost of each part down.

A hot runner injection mold system is especially efficient, producing consistently high-quality parts with rapid cycle times. The process may not be compatible with some heat-sensitive polymers, but it remains a highly efficient method of producing parts from compatible materials.

Reduces Cost

As plastic injection molding machines and resin materials have advanced, the cost of this manufacturing process has significantly decreased. Plus, with advanced tooling techniques and automation, labor input has also reduced. These developments in the field have made it very cost-effective for companies to opt for plastic injection molding services.

Compared to other molding processes, injection molding has low labor costs and high output rates. Modern molding machinery is equipped with automated, self-gating tools to streamline mass-production with little supervision. These features all contribute to a lower final cost for manufacturers and their customers.

Trusted Plastic Injection Molding Services From Tech-Way Industries

Plastic injection molding can produce high-quality, high-efficiency, cost-effective, and detailed plastic parts for your application. At Tech-Way Industries, our expert team can help you prototype, design, manufacture, assemble, and package your plastic parts. As an ISO 9001:2015, UL, and ITAR certified plastic injection molding company, we offer comprehensive customization options, in-house custom mold and tool building, a large network of resin suppliers, and more.

Learn more about our custom plastic injection molding capabilities. To start your project, contact us today.

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